IMS Thanks Our Seniors

Instructional Media Services Thanks Our Seniors

Instructional Media Services would like to extend a massive public THANK YOU to our senior class for their years of hard work, creativity, and vitality. The last 4 years have been a time of real change for IMS, and throughout it all the class of 2017 has exhibited exemplary ingenuity and leadership. Our seniors will all be dearly missed.

Thank you to:

Daniel Dreyfus, for his vision and attention to detail in the Classroom Support managing role; for an unprecedented number of tickets logged and a top to bottom change in CS that split down the middle the once-great tide of tickets, and for knowing all the techs names before any HR manager ever had the chance to.

“Thanks for help teaching me the ropes about everything IMS and completely 100% unrelated to IMS!” -Ryan Nelson

“Hey Daniel, just wanted to say thanks for putting up with all my shit the past few semesters (especially the past two Xd), and for the various random interesting conversations we had over the past two years. It has been kinda fun working under you! Stay intense!” -Han Tay

Eli Spector, for all your work and leadership as the General Manager; for pioneering an approach to Mondays that actually brought joy into our lives, and being a General Manager that was at once as focused and invested as the title might suggest, and more approachable and amenable than anyone could ask.

Griffin Deary, for your relentless positivity and work ethic; for your extraordinary Toy Story outfits and generosity; for always being willing to have a conversation with someone and enjoying the company of your fellow techs.

Nate Gardner, for being the best HR manager IMS has ever seen. Adis has big shoes to fill! For having the most positive disposition out of any of the techs and being so willing to help someone out in a time of need even if it is just lending a listening ear.

Philip Katz, for your embodiment of IMS values and your great work as Training Manager; for creating a space of enjoyment for all the current techs and new techs that are coming to our team.

“Thanks for being consistently positive and making IMS training enjoyable. It definitely helped convince me to become a full-time tech!” -Ryan Nelson

Sam Stern, for your dry jokes and your constant reliability; For being one of the most capable technicians on our team and always having the solution to a problem that may arise.

Simon Wright, for your work piloting the highly successful Checkmaster program; for your constant dedication to the IMS organization and willingness to work hard especially during times of need. 

Westley Myles, for your work piloting the highly successful Checkmaster program and easygoing attitude; for your commitment to your fellow techs, and to the whole IMS organization.

“Sup Westley, you keep calling me the IMS legend, but you’re the true MVP for working in IMS for 6 semesters since the dark ages. You love IMS a tad too much bro. Gonna miss those times we rant during spring break, gossip about Asad the real legend, or just goof off during all our IMS shifts. Have fun in NY dude, I’ll definitely drop by someday.” -Han Tay