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Cascade Migration Project

The university redesigned their website in the fall of 2009. With this redesign came the migration of all of the websites with the wesleyan.edu domain to a new content management system, Cascade. The New Media Lab embarked on a four year long project to redesign and migrate over 250 websites from our old Microsoft FrontPage servers to Cascade. The project consisted of redesigning, re-architecting and training for each website. During the process, there were tools, called components, built to help users have more flexibility and customization for their website. This migration has been a success, with all Wesleyan sites now housed within this new CMS.

Users have been very happy with the move, such as these comments from Sarah Jane-Ripa, the Assistant Director for Student Services and Outreach in the Graduate Liberal Studies Program, “I’m not a big technology user, and to be able to come in and learn a software, and learn a platform that allows me to make instantaneous changes to my department’s website has been a great experience.”

Or from Liz Tinker, the Administrative Assistant in the English department, “There really isn’t any comparison between what we were using on Frontpage and Cascade, because we couldn’t change any of the information except for what was already there… and now, we can manipulate it as we please.”

This all has contributed to our main goal of ensuring up-to-date and current information on the University website, with robust content management system and easy to use web editor.

Project Timeline: January 2010 – June 2014