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ITS Upgrades Wireless Infrastructure

Wesleyan’s ITS department implements wireless upgrade across campus.

Over the past several months, Wesleyan’s ITS department implemented a massive wireless infrastructure upgrade across campus to improve wireless access, speed, and reliability. Prior to this upgrade, the wireless infrastructure was going on ten years old—which Karen Warren, Director of User and Technical Services in ITS, says, “In technology years, that’s almost getting to be a dinosaur.”

To improve wireless access on campus, this required ITS to upgrade the basic infrastructure supporting these wireless access points. This upgrade is critical in a time when our devices are abandoning wired connections for wireless.

Ken Tallion, a Network Administrator in ITS, explains, “The first stage was to get users off of the old wireless system onto the new wireless system as quickly as possible across the entire campus… So a good portion of the work had to go, basically, behind the scenes and into the data closets.”

“It’s critical to Wesleyan’s infrastructure to be able to have a wireless network that support this and the expectations of our users,” notes Karen Warren.

The new wireless system launched before the beginning of the academic year, with students coming back to Wesleyan losing the old “WesStudent” connection for the new, and universal, “airwes” connection.

According to Tallion, the wireless upgrade has been a success, with access and speed noticeably improved across campus by users, student and faculty alike.