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Google Apps Available for Faculty and Staff

Google Apps available for Faculty and Staff

Wesleyan migrated student email accounts to Google Apps in 2009.  Along with that comes a suite of applications under the Google Apps umbrella.  Most faculty and staff are not aware that they too have access to that suite of applications.  No faculty and staff email goes to Google and there are no immediate plans for that.  However, many people want to take advantage of the myriad features and capabilities of sharing documents and other applications that Google has to offer without having to create a account.  As a Wesleyan employee, you can do that.

How do I gain access? Is it automatic?
Initiating your Wes Google Apps account is done through a self-serve link in EPorfolio allowing users to activate on their own.  The link is called “Wes Google Account Activation” under Tools and Links.

What if I already have documents I use in Why should I use my Wesleyan account?
If you are using, or public Google, for Wesleyan related documents and collaboration, we highly advise that you start using your Wesleyan account for this purpose.  Wesleyan has a separately executed contract with Google that is far different from the standard consumer End User Agreement Google offers.  Additionally, sharing is much easier within Wesleyan’s domain since you can just type in a name and have it pop up rather than having to find out a gmail address for other users.

Does that mean Wesleyan administrators can see my documents?
No.  We do not have access or oversight to read your documents on your Google account that is any different than Wesleyan’s standard policy. Rights

Where can I find information?
Wesleyan has a blog of information about Google Apps and we plan to add more information there in the coming months.