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Spotlight on… Prezi

Spotlight on…. Prezi


What is Prezi?

Prezi is an alternative presentation software that uses a different paradigm from PowerPoint. Whereas PowerPoint models a presentation after the traditional setup of slides in a carousel projected sequentially, Prezi takes a different approach. The concept here is more like that of a “canvas” or poster, where any location on the presentation can be arrived at from any other. That is, there is not necessarily a sequence; although a series of steps can be created as a guide, a presenter is free to move about the presentation to address questions as they arise or explore relationships between concepts.

How does Prezi work?

Prezi is set up to allow zooming in and out of areas around the poster. By doing this, a presenter can easily show relationships (e.g., smaller/larger, sequential/non-sequential, circular/linear, etc.), focus in on specific ideas, focus out on broader issues, and more. Using “frames”, the presenter can group certain concepts together, and even create connections across various concepts.

How do I get Prezi?

You can sign up for an account to use Prezi at http://www.prezi.com. When creating your account, the EDU Enjoy account allows you to get most of the professional-level functions without cost, and is therefore the recommended option.

Watch the Official Prezi Introduction video here!

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